1999 New England Prep School Invitational Tennis Tournament

Tournament Overview
Participating Singles Competitors
Participating Doubles Teams
Singles Draw
Doubles Draw

Tournament Overview

     On May 22, Choate Rosemary Hall hosted the New England Prep School Invitational Tennis Tournament (NEPSITT). Although this event has been around for over forty years, in 1999 the format was changed in the hopes that the event will become a showcase for the very best singles and doubles players in all New England prep schools. Rather than limiting the field to players from only sixteen schools as in the past, beginning in 1999 nominations were solicited from all NEPSAC schools in order to assemble the best possible field for this event.

     The tournament field was limited to twelve singles players and eight doubles teams. Among the criteria considered in determining invitations and seeding were: (a) 1999 win-loss record; (b) quality of schedule; (c) head-to-head results; (d) total number of matches played; and (e) any other available information.

     Those of us involved in the planning of this event hope that the new format will constitute an exciting development in the history of the NEPSITT. Moreover, since the girls' team coaches have expressed a desire to move their team tournament a week earlier, we imagine the NEPSITT may be expanded to include female athletes next spring, which would truly make it a showcase for the very best tennis players in our schools.

Participating Singles Competitors

Player Hometown School
Alex Acquavella '99 New York, NY Deerfield Academy
Barnes Benson '99 Santa Barbara, CA Deerfield Academy
Ben Brier '00 South Dartmouth, MA Moses Brown School
Tyne Brownlow '99 Memphis, TN Taft School
Howard Chu '00 Hong Kong, CHINA Phillips Exeter Academy
Brook Deming '99 Cheshire, CT Cheshire Academy
Alex Fish '01 Scituate, MA Thayer Academy
Sam Gaines '99 Hamden, CT Hopkins School
Nate Gaudreau '01 Glastonbury, CT Avon Old Farms School
Alex MacDonald '99 Bridgewater, CT Phillips Academy
Andrew Watson '99 Pembroke, BERMUDA Westminster School
Dan Zarchan '99 Concord, MA Phillips Exeter Academy

Participating Doubles Teams

Player Hometown School
Erin Borger '99 Aventura, FL Avon Old Farms School
Lopez Williams '99 Yeadon, PA
Tyler Deming '01 Cheshire, CT Cheshire Academy
Asa Margolis '99 Branford, CT
Justin Karush '99 North Vassalboro, ME Choate Rosemary Hall
Charles Pasarell '99 Rancho Mirage, CA
Stuart Brown '00 Pointe Claire, CANADA Deerfield Academy
Andrew Hubbell '01 Des Moines, IA
David Drady '00 West Hartford, CT Kingswood-Oxford School
Jack Granato '00 Wethersfield, CT
Jeremy Howard '00 South Dartmouth, MA Moses Brown School
Scott Robbin '02 Providence, RI
Felix Loh '00 Karlsruhe, GERMANY Northfield Mt. Hermon School
Kazuo Yoshida '00 Tokyo, JAPAN
Andrew Merle '00 Lynnfield, MA Phillips Academy
Piercarlo Valdesolo '99 Andover, MA

Singles Draw

First Round Second Round Semifinal Round Final Round
Ben Brier (MBS) [#1] Brier (MBS) [#1] 10 Brier (MBS) [#1] 6 4 Fish (THAY) [#4] 6 3
Howard Chu (PEA) 6 Gaines (HOP) 5
Sam Gaines (HOP) 10
Alex MacDonald (PA) 10 MacDonald (PA) 5 Fish (THAY) [#4] 7(3) 6
Andrew Watson (WEST) 3
**BYE** Fish (THAY) [#4] 10
Alex Fish (THAY) [#4]
Brook Deming (CHES) [#3] B. Deming (CHES) [#3] 9 Zarchan (PEA) 5 2 Brownlow (TAFT) [#2] 7(3) 6
Dan Zarchan (PEA) 10 Zarchan (PEA) 11
Barnes Benson (DA) 7
Alex Acquavella (DA) 6 Gaudreau (AVON) 5 2 Brownlow (TAFT) [#2] 7 6
Nick Gaudreau (AVON) 10
**BYE** Brownlow (TAFT) [#2] 7 6
Tyne Brownlow (TAFT) [#2]
Consolation Draw Quarterfinal Consolation Draw Semifinal Consolation Draw Final
Chu (PEA) 10 Chu (PEA) 5 B. Deming (CHES) [#3] 8
Gaudreau (AVON) 4
Watson (WEST) 6 B. Deming (CHES) [#3] 10
B. Deming (CHES) [#3] 10
Benson (DA) 4 MacDonald (PA) 8 Gaines (HOP) 2
MacDonald (PA) 10
Acquavella (DA) 8 Gaines (HOP) 10
Gaines (HOP) 10

Doubles Draw

First Round Semifinal Round Final Round
Merle/Valdesolo (PA) [#1] 11 Merle/Valdesolo (PA) [#1] 6 6 Merle/Valdesolo (PA) [#1] 6 5 6
Brown/Hubbell (DA) 9
T. Deming/Margolis (CHES) 3 Drady/Granato (KO) 2 2
Drady/Granato (KO) 10
Karush/Pasarell (CRH) 10 Karush/Pasarell (CRH) 3 4 Howard/Robbin (MBS) [#2] 1 7 7(2)
Borger/Williams (AVON) 8
Loh/Yoshida (NMH) 2 Howard/Robbin (MBS) [#2] 6 6
Howard/Robbin (MBS) [#2] 10
Third Place Playoff
Drady/Granato (KO) 6
Karush/Pasarell (CRH) 8
Consolation Draw Semifinal Consolation Draw Final
Brown/Hubbell (DA) 6 6 Brown/Hubbell (DA) 6 7(3)
T. Deming/Margolis (CHES) 1 0
Borger/Williams (AVON) 6 Borger/Williams (AVON) 3 6
Loh/Yoshida (NMH) 10

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