2003 NEITA Team Championships
May 17-18, 2003

Class "A" Draw
Class "B" Draw
Class "C" Draw
About Seeding and the Draws
Match Format

Class "A" Draw

First Round Semifinal Round Final Round
Milton Academy (#1)   Milton Academy 4 Milton Academy 4
Phillips Academy 2 Avon Old Farms School 1
Avon Old Farms School 4
Deerfield Academy 4 Deerfield Academy 4 Deerfield Academy 0
Northfield Mt. Hermon School 1
Groton School 2 Choate Rosemary Hall 3
Choate Rosemary Hall (#2) 4

Class "B" Draw

First Round Semifinal Round Final Round
Greens Farms Academy (#1) 4 Greens Farms Academy 4 Greens Farms Academy 4
Thayer Academy 1
Belmont Hill School 3 Kingswood-Oxford School 0
Kingswood-Oxford School 4
Brunswick School 4 Brunswick School 0 St. Paul's School 1
Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 1
Hopkins School 0 St. Paul's School 4
St. Paul's School (#2) 4

Class "C" Draw

First Round Semifinal Round Final Round
Bancroft School (#1)     Bancroft School 4   Bancroft School 3
Pingree School 3   St. Margaret's-McTernan School 0
St. Margaret's-McTernan School 4
Berwick Academy 4   Berwick Academy 0   Rivers School 4
Wooster School 2
Rivers School 4   Rivers School 4
South Kent School (#2) 0

About Seeding and the Draws

     The Tournament Committee determined tournaments berths and seeding based on the following criteria: 2003 win-loss record, record within class, quality of schedule, head-to-head results, results against common opponents, total number of matches played, meeting the .500 record minimum standard, and any other available information.

     In accordance with ITA and USTA rules, as found in the publication Friend At Court, a tournament may seed one team for every four entered and place one additional team per four entered. Placed teams were assigned to the top and bottom halves of the draw at random and unseeded teams were assigned the remaining slots in the draw by random lot.

Match Format

     In the team tournament, all team matches are played using the 7-point intercollegiate format, consisting of three doubles pro-sets collectively worth one point followed by six best-of-three-sets singles matches each worth a point. Once the doubles point is decided, teams should commence singles play within ten minutes, abandoning the final doubles pro-set, if necessary. Once the team result is decided, the remaining singles matches may be abandoned. For more information about this format, click here.


Tennis balls. All participating teams should bring nine unopened cans of balls to the first round matches on Saturday morning. The first matches will be played using one school's tennis balls. The losing team keeps the used match balls and the winning team will keep the unopened cans for the next round. This process will be repeated for the semifinals and final.

Match intervals. Coaches should use common sense in ensuring a suitable interval before semifinal play should quarterfinal matches run long.

Mutual consent. As there will not necessarily be an official nor a site director at each venue, coaches will need to work together to resolve any difficulties. At each venue, the coach and/or athletic director (or their designate) of the hosting school have the final decision relating to playing conditions and scheduling. The tournament director can be reached most times on Saturday at the Hunt Tennis Center at 203-697-2106.

Reporting scores. The winning team coach is responsible for calling in results to the tournament director after each match at 203-697-2417 so that the website can be promptly updated. A complete record of each match--including the first and last names and class years of all players as well as all scores--should be e-mailed (ngallagher@choate.edu) or faxed (203-697-2601) to the tournament director no later than Monday, May 19. Here is a sample of the preferred reporting format:

Hotchkiss School d. Phillips Academy, 4-1

#1 doubles: Hulce/James (H) d. Merle/Valdesolo (PA), 81
#2 doubles: MacDonald/Thavaseelan (PA) d. Grajny/Mullens (H), 84
#3 doubles: Loveless/Wainwright (H) d. Matt Dougherty '01/Myers (PA), 85

#1 singles: Steve Hulce '99 (H) d. Andrew Merle '00 (PA), 62 75
#2 singles: Alex MacDonald '99 (PA) d. Kris Grajny '99 (H), 06 75 01 ret.
#3 singles: Andrew Mullens '00 (H) vs. Piercarlo Valdesolo '99 (PA), abandoned
#4 singles: Brandon James '99 (H) d. Simon Thavaseelan '99 (PA), 62 63
#5 singles: Jonathan Loveless '01 (H) d. Joffre Myers '99 (PA), 61 61
#6 singles: John Posey '00 (H) vs. Casey Jacobsen '99 (LC), abandoned

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